Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Recieved A Request From A Fan And It’s Getting Mixed Opinions

“She must have been so dumbfounded lol.”

On January 4, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon utilized her Instagram to ask her fans for some recommendations. Several fans submitted movies, music, book, food, and many other recommendations for Taeyeon to try.

Things appeared normal as fans gave out recommendations and Taeyeon even replied to some fans. It wasn’t until a fan made a certain request that made fans a bit upset.

Taeyeon posted a fan’s request to her story asking if she could tell NCT‘s Haechan that she loves him: “I am a huge fan of NCT. Can you tell Haechan that I love him?” Taeyeon responded to the quest and wrote, “”

Fans were unhappy with the fan asking Taeyeon to do such a request and took to social media to comment their opinions on theqoo:

  • “The person who asked the question is really rude and ignorant”
  • Why did you do that to another singer...”
  • “That person has no common sense, Taeyeon was asking her fans for recommendations why are they mentioning a specific group and member to make their fans look bad.”
| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Though many fans were upset with the fans request, they are also loving Taeyeon’s response. Overall, they had mixed feelings about it all. On one hand, they found the request rude, but also love it because they got a humorous response from Taeyeon:

  • “Taeyeon’s response is funny, lol she sounds like she’s saying ‘so what?’ lol.”
  • She must have been so dumbfounded lol.”
  • “I wonder if Taeyeon even knows Haechan in person, lol.”
| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Many fans praised Taeyeon’s response and shared that the fan should have left a comment on NCT’s official Instagram rather than ask Taeyeon to share the message with Haechan.

Source: theqoo

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