Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals Her Top Three Favorite Looks From “Amazing Saturday”

Which look is your favorite?

tvN‘s Amazing Saturday, often to referred to as Nolto, is amazing for many reasons, however, one thing fans always look forward to in the show is the casts’ amazing costumes! For those unfamiliar with the show, each episode has a theme and the cast members come to set in the most stunning attire! While all the shows’ cast members look amazing, one cast member who always turns heads is Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon!

Many fans are always curious to know how Taeyeon is able to put together such amazing looks and which ones are her favorites! In her interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, Taeyeon answered those very questions.

It’s safe to say that fans are always anticipating to see what kind of costume Taeyeon will come out in! From dressing in a full gown to simple athletic wear, Taeyeon has done it all! In her interview, Taeyeon was asked how involved she is in creating her gorgeous Amazing Saturday looks. Taeyeon shared she often comes up with her own ideas and communicates them with her team.

Taeyeon was then asked which looks were her favorite from her time on the show so far. Although she was only asked to choose one look, Taeyeon couldn’t help but name 3 of her stunning looks.

Q: Which ‘Amazing Saturday’ styling do you like the most?

Uhh… among the ‘Amazing Saturday’ stylings… hmm, there are so many… there’s one where we used a long hair piece. It was braided from the top (of her head) like this and I wore a red lip. When I wore that red flower patterened dress, that look is memorable for me.

— Taeyeon

| @taeyeon_ss/Instagram

Taeyeon also mentioned her iconic retro look where she dressed up in a bright blue button-down and cool shades!

Also, it was a more retro-style theme. SHINee was the guest at that time. I also remember the look when SHINee came as well.

— Taeyeon


Taeyeon’s last look is definitely a crowd favorite! Taeyeon shared her costume inspired by the popular movie Kingsman is also one that holds a special place in her heart!

I remember copying the ‘Kingsman’ too! The highlight was my hair. There was a single strand of my baby hair that went across my forehead. The point was my hair strand.

— Taeyeon


Check out the clip below:

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