Taeyeon Showed Off Her Rock Hard Abs And Everyone Forgot How To Breathe

Taeyeon left everyone feeling very attacked:

Fans are no strangers to Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s amazing abs, after all, they have caught glimpses of them on a couple of occasions but they certainly weren’t prepared for her recent full-on attack.


Taeyeon recently surprised fans with a special Instagram update where she revealed her abs and her perfect body line.


In the photos, she was spotted wearing some athletic wear while reclining on a couch!


She instantly caught everyone’s eye, not only because she looked so serene with a soft smile on her lips, but also because the duality from her rock hard abs was beyond real!


Netizens quickly began commenting on her posts, expressing how attacked Taeyeon made them feel.


And really, is it any wonder that she caused fans to feel weak in the knees and made them forget how to breathe!

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