Taeyeon Didn’t Sing High Notes In Girls’ Generation Because She Wanted To—Here’s Why She Did It Anyway

Other idols might relate to her experience.

Not only does Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon have over a decade of experience as the group’s main vocalist, she is also an acclaimed soloist. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that there aren’t many K-Pop idols who can rival her when it comes to vocal skills!


As one of the best singers in Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon could often be heard belting the high notes of their songs. But in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Korea, she shared that it actually wasn’t her decision to sing them.

I didn’t sing high notes because I wanted to,” she revealed with a smile.

The topic was brought up when the “Weekend” singer was asked how K-Pop groups should distribute their parts. With full confidence, she said they should “leave it to the company.” She thinks it’s the best way to avoid conflict and tension among members.

Leave it to the company. That’s a peaceful way. Let the company distribute the parts.

— Taeyeon

On that note, the real reason why she was tasked with singing the high notes is because it was up to her company, SM Entertainment, to decide the line distribution of the songs. Due to her incredible vocals, they felt like she was the best member for the job.


It wasn’t her choice to sing the high notes because she had to follow SM Entertainment’s decision. Nevertheless, she always executed them insanely well!

Apart from revealing that she sang high notes because she was given the song line and not because she asked for it, Taeyeon also talked about the pros and cons of dorm life. Check it out here:

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