Taeyeon Tested Out The “Gender-Swap Filter” And Turned Into Super Junior Donghae’s Doppelganger 

Even Taeyeon was surprised how much she looked like him!

With the Snapchat “Baby Filter” and “Gender-Swap Filter” trending among Korean celebrities, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon also recently tested them out too with some surprising results!


While baby Taeyeon is charming everyone with her adorable cute looks…


It’s man Taeyeon that really surprised everyone! Uploading the filtered results to Instagram story, even Taeyeon was shocked to find herself looking a lot like Super Junior‘s Donghae! So much so that, she even tagged him in the story!


And the resemblance is even more uncanny when you see Taeyeon’s filtered photo next to Donghae!


Taeyeon wasn’t the only one who was surprised by the filter results though. Fans also couldn’t get over the uncanny resemblance between the two!


Who would have guessed that the man version of Taeyeon was none other than Donghae!