Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals She Used To Shred Her Diary Pages And Why She Stopped

It’s a unique method.

On her recent appearance on MMGT, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon shared an interesting hobby she used to have and it’s very unique!


During her time on the show, the show’s MC Jaejae Taeyeon’s new hobby of writing diaries. The funny part was that Taeteon claimed she’s not the type to record her feelings in a journal. To clarify, Taeyeon shared she writes now as it’s the only way she can let out her emotions.

After I write my diary, I really can’t stand reading it again. So I’d write and then quit, and repeat. There was a phase. So when I said I didn’t write, I just really needed someone to let out my feelings to. You write things that you can’t tell others, that you only want to keep to yourself in your diary right? That’s why I started writing. Because I had no choice. I needed a let-out.

— Taeyeon

It’s not uncommon for people to write their feelings out in a diary, so everything Taeyeon shared sounded pretty normal! It wasn’t until Taeyeon revealed she would shred up all of her diaries that Jaejae became shocked. Surprised, Jaejae questioned, “You shred your diaries?

I used it like an emotional trash bin. And it’s trash, so you have to get rid of it. So I shred all of my diaries. So I bought a paper shredder they use in the offices to shred all my diaries.

— Taeyeon

Taeyeon further explained that she shreds up her diaries because she never wants to look back on them. Even though shredding up her diaries is a great method to never looking back at them, Taeyeon said it was too much shredded paper in the end. Instead, Taeyeon has resulted in a less difficult approach.

But the amount of paper trash is crazy. So I thought, ‘This isn’t going to work.’ So I switched to my iPad.

— Taeyeon

Check out the video below:

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