Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Has An Adorable Pet Poodle—Here’s What She Had To Say About Him

Meet her cute dog!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is the proud owner of a dog named Zero, and their relationship is too cute! Zero recently accompanied her for an interview with Vogue Korea.

The first thing that Taeyeon revealed about him is that they are polar opposites. While Taeyeon is an introvert, Zero is an extrovert.

Zero goes his own way. He’s like an E for MBTI. I’m an I.

— Taeyeon

He is a four year old silver poodle, and she affectionately calls him her companion dog.

Zero’s my companion dog. He’s a silver poodle, 4 years old.

— Taeyeon

In case you didn’t know, Zero is a boy who can’t get get enough of squeaky toys! He’s also the type to focus intently on whatever he’s doing.

It’s a boy. He just focuses on his business, and he loves squeaky toys.

— Taeyeon

| @zero.taeyeon/Instagram

When asked what his most charming point is, Taeyeon had to choose from many before finally deciding on his fat (a.k.a. cute) neck. She demonstrated just how fat it is by lovingly pinching it.

He has a fat neck! See that? That fat!

— Taeyeon

See more of Taeyeon and Zero in the full video below!

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