Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young Talked About The Trainees On “Girls Planet 999”, Proving What A Caring Mentor She Is

She’s the best mentor for the trainees!

When Girls Planet 999 was first announced, everybody was excited to find out that one of K-Pop’s OG top-class performers, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young, would be on the show as a mentor!


She mentored many of the young hopefuls on the show, and recently revealed how involved she was with the entire process of selecting trainees for the final group!

Tiffany and Sunmi

Tiffany recently made an appearance on Sooyoung‘s Youtube channel, where she helped her record the OST for the anime Inu Yasha!

Tiffany and Sooyoung

While talking in the car on the way to the recording studio, Sooyoung asked her if she remembered all the participants on the show, and Tiffany shared that she did in fact remember all of them very well!

I remember them all!


She then talked about how the mentors on the show would pick 40 trainees out of the 99 to advance to the next round, and Tiffany chose 24 of the 40 people herself!

Mentors chose 40 people out of the 99 people, but I chose about 24 people, out of 40 people. I brought the chart home again [to make sure]. I picked 24 of them, among the ones I had my eye on.


It’s wonderful to see how Tiffany was so invested in all the trainees, and did an amazing job as a mentor!

You can watch the whole thing here!

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