Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Dishes On Her Viral Yearbook Meme, School Days

The meme is fake, but now she wishes it was true.

Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany revealed details new about her high school days, in response to her viral yearbook quote meme.


The meme has been floating around for some time now, but it gained new popularity around the time Tiffany dropped “Teach You”, her second US single, on September 27.


This yearbook quote meme shows Tiffany’s high school photo beside a post-debut photo, along with an amusing quote.


In an interview with NextShark News, Tiffany revealed that the quote is fake, but she now wishes it were true.

“I can’t believe it went viral lol. It is NOT real, though I wish it were now. I’m flattered that people see the ‘current ME’ as the meme, but also a little embarrassed that people saw the ‘high school ME’ as the meme.”  — Tiffany


She said that the meme has been popping up over the course of her 11 years in the K-Pop industry, and that it has mostly been shared among her international fans.

“I’ve seen it throughout my career but no one in Asia has ever mentioned it or asked me about it because it was in English.” — Tiffany


When Tiffany first discovered the meme, it made it her look back at her high school self with new eyes.

“I think I first came across it when I was on the fifth year of my career and it made me question my high school me, hard, ‘Was I that dorky?’” — Tiffany


Tiffany attended Diamond Bar High School, part of the prestigious Walnut Valley Unified School District, in Southern California. This extroverted idol spent her school days participating in plenty of extracurricular activities, such as yearbook club.

“I was extremely outgoing, and now to think of it, maybe borderline annoying. I would do almost every extracurricular activity from show choir, orchestra, Korean club, yearbook club, and even put myself in hakwon without my parents forcing me.” — Tiffany


She believes her school days’ passion helped her out professionally too.

“But hey, it took that much passion to kick myself in the butt as older me in my career.” — Tiffany


Tiffany’s school days are now behind her, but she hasn’t lost touch with her alma mater.

“I recently reunited with my middle school band director who is now teaching at Diamond Bar High School. I reached out to feature the DBHS marching band in my music video ‘Over My Skin’ and it felt so good to catch up with him and hear he is still the ‘whiplash’ style teacher I remember.” — Tiffany


Although Tiffany graduated years ago, she still attends her old school in spirit. According to her middle school marching band director, Tiffany continues to inspire new students.

“But it was the sweetest thing when they told me I’m a role model to all the students there!” — Tiffany

Source: NextShark News

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