Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young Reveals The Cure To Any Hangover

It can even prevent hangovers from happening.

Since hangovers aren’t as enjoyable as the process to get them, Girls’ Generation‘s Tiffany Young shared her secret to avoiding them altogether.

When going through all of the vitamins she takes daily, Tiffany Young pulled out a special one by brand U-WELL. “This supplement helps you reduce active oxygen and toxins in your body. Whenever I eat this, I feel like my body and mind have gotten cleaner.

There was another benefit to the HydroH2 vegetable capsules. Her manager pointed out, “I heard it’s good for hangovers.

Making everyone laugh, Tiffany Young jokingly reprimanded them for mentioning it but confirmed it. “You shouldn’t have said that. But, it’s actually true!

After revealing that she’d tested it out of curiosity, she amused staff with debating on whether to continue sharing the details. “When I first learned that it reduces toxins– Should I say this?

Tiffany Young couldn’t keep such a useful tip to herself. She explained that it prevented hangovers just from taking it before throwing back a few drinks. “I tried this before drinking, and I didn’t get drunk!

Even if she took it after a round of drinking, it made the hangover disappear. “Or, having this after drinking.

After Tiffany Young’s mention of the ultimate hangover cure, it became sold out on U-WELL’s official site. Check out her sharing why it’s such a hidden gem.

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