Tiffany Young Reveals The Kind Of Tour She Wants To Do With Girls’ Generation

She’s always thinking of her members.

Despite Tiffany Young and the rest of the Girls’ Generation members focusing on their own projects, they’re always thinking about each other.

In Tiffany Young’s latest interview, she revealed the tour she wishes all of the members could go on together.

| tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

When Civilization Express host Jae Jae brought up the Magnetic Moon North American tour, she was fascinated by Tiffany Young’s life on the road—especially on a tour bus.

Tiffany Young enjoyed the experience and suggested that it was a must for every musician. She said, “If there’s an opportunity, I highly recommend bus tours to all artists.

Tiffany Young also wished to share the experience with her members. She laughed while adding, “I want to do it with Girls’ Generation too.

If a bus tour were an exciting time with her staff, it would be even better with all the Girls’ Generation members along for the ride. Tiffany Young said, “I think it would be really fun.

Even Jae Jae was impressed with the idea, calling them “an army of Avengers.

Imagining Girls’ Generation relaxing on a tour bus would definitely be a change of pace and create humorous memories.

Watch Tiffany Young reveal the next adventure she’d like to share with her members.

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