Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Young And Yuri Couldn’t Hide Their Inner BLACKPINK Fan

It’s a win for SONEs and BLINKs.

For many episodes of Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri‘s cooking show, she features different celebrity guests. In the latest, her fellow member Tiffany Young joined her to remember fun moments from their past and present.

In the process, they both ended up revealing how much they were BLACKPINK fans.

| YGFamily/Naver

At the mention of Tiffany’s style during the group’s promotions, she recalled how pink had been the color that made her stand out. Yuri agreed, “I think back then, pink really was your thing. And, a good representation of you when you were performing as Girls’ Generation.

Tiffany noted there was a complete difference between what she wore onstage and offstage. In everyday life, she stuck to the minimal black, “The Tiffany on stage. But, the actual human Tiffany. I only wear black.

Yuri complimented her on how well she pulled off both colors, “Black suits you well, and pink does too.” Upon hearing that, Tiffany couldn’t hide how much of a BLINK she was. As she walked away to get more ingredients, she yelled the signature line from “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, “BLACKPINK!

Yuri burst into laughter from the fitting mention of the girl group. She even joked how well she’d fit in, “Yeah, you were supposed to be just BLACK PINK.

The fact that such an iconic and longtime girl group mentioned BLACKPINK proves they’re genuinely eye-catching.

Check out the fun moment Tiffany and Yuri couldn’t resist mentioning their juniors BLACKPINK.