Netizens Can’t Stop Laughing Over This “Interaction” Between Bang Yongguk And Yoona

It might not have been in person but fans are loving it:

Although fans have seen plenty of heartwarming interactions between idols, nobody has seen anything quite like the latest “interaction” between Bang Yongguk and Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona.


On April 3, Bang Yongguk was spotted at Incheon International airport after traveling overseas. While fans were stunned by his visuals, they were also mesmerized by what he was carrying!


Because what he was carrying was Yoona! Well, not really, but Yongguk was holding onto a bag from the jewelry brand Pandora who’s current model just so happens to be Yoona!


Although it’s not a real interaction so to speak, fans really immediately fell and love and couldn’t help showing it!

Now we just need a real Yoona and Yongguk interaction!

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