Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Reacts To The Legendary Incident That Happened With Her Fake Bangs

“When we talk about memes, we can’t leave out this.”

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona uploaded a new YouTube video on her channel Yoona’s So Wonderful Day! Unlike her other vlog-style like videos, Yoona took the time to react to some of her best memes!

Of course, this video couldn’t have been done without including her famous lid meme! Before reacting to her lid meme, Yoona shared that it’s has been 11 years since her iconic moment.

11 years ago, the legendary incident. When we talk about memes, we can’t leave out this. What was this? Lim lid, right a lid. It’s a lid meme.

— Yoona

For those not familiar with this legendary lid meme, don’t worry, Yoona explained it all in her video.

When I was doing ‘Run Devil Run’ I’ve never tried bangs before. So I tried bangs then. But it was…Mmm…like a lid. It stuck to my forehead. I thought, ‘I don’t look the best with bangs?’

— Yoona

Basically, while promoting their hit songs “Run Devil Run,” Yoona tried out some cute bangs. However, instead of actually cutting her hair, Yoona used fake clip-on bangs.

While she clearly looked stunning with bangs. A hilarious incident happened while she was talking to Taeyeon. It appears from the clip that something made Yoona laughed so hard that she leaned back in laughter, and her bangs flew straight back!

Yoona discussed the moment in further detail and shared that it was all too funny for her and Taeyeon to handle.

It was so funny back then. While I was talking with Taeyeon, I tilted my head back and laughed hard. My bangs flew like a lid. But it’s so funny.

— Yoona

Yoona and Taeyeon weren’t the only ones dying of laughter. Yoona claimed the best part of it all was when Yuri laughed and even fell from how funny it was.

But the killing point is in the back. Yuri laughed so hard and fell. She made me laugh. It was so fun to see them laugh.

— Yoona

Although she felt she didn’t suit bangs at the time, Yoona shared she did go on to get actual see-through bangs later on.

Later on, with see-through bangs. I cut my hair and promoted with those bangs.

— Yoona

Even though she doesn’t love having bangs, Yoona questioned whether she should cut in honor of the classic moment. Despite the fact that she looks lovely with bangs, Yoona admitted she isn’t a huge fan of bangs. Since bangs are cut above the eyes, it can be quite a hassle at times.

Should I cut my bangs for the 11th anniversary? But I don’t feel comfortable with bangs. The awkward length is hard to endure.

— Yoona

Check out Yoona’s video below:

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