Yoona’s Manager Has Just Sunk Every Ship Imaginable

YoonHun is no more.

It’s not uncommon for K-Pop fans to ship their favorite artists together. While ships normally go strong for a long time, a whole bunch of fans just had their ships completely sunk by Girls’ Generation Yoona‘s manager.


Throughout the years, Yoona has been shipped with a number of idols including EXO’s Sehun and Super Junior’s Donghae but those ships and more have recently hit the reef so to speak. Not too long ago, shippers started flooding her manager’s Instagram page asking about Yoona’s relationship with a number of male stars.


Instead of simply ignoring the questions, he decided to reply back in an incredibly creative way.


With each new response, the ships sunk further and further…


Until the only answer to shipping questions resulted in a straight-up “no” answer.


Despite the crushing of many ships, many fans have been getting a big kick out of all the exchanges and have been showing some major love and support for him.


His replies attracted so much attention that “Yoona’s manager shattered shippers’ dreams” was trending on Weibo and continued to stay there for days afterward!