Girls’ Generation Yoona Took Normal Rice Cakes and Turned Them into Works of Art

“Songpyeon” rice cakes are commonly made for the Chuseok holiday.

With it being the Chuseok holidays in Korea, Girls’ Generation Yoona shared photos of herself making “songpyeon” rice cakes but showing off her artistic abilities while she’s at it.

The photos that she shared are captioned, “You can’t leave out ‘songpyeon’ on Chuseok. Have a good holiday, everyone.


In the shared photos, Yoona can be seen making ‘songpyeon’ rice cakes but making them a lot more beautiful than average rice cakes.

She decorated them with cut-out flowers and leaves of all sorts of colors.

Yoona has always been known to be creative, but people probably didn’t expect her to make rice cakes into works of art as well.

Yoona’s definitely a woman of many talents!

Source: Dispatch

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