Girls’ Generation Yoona’s Attitude Towards Staff Members Is So Heartwarming It Might Make You Cry Too

She has such a warm and sincere heart.

On & Off is a TV program that airs on tvN that takes a peek into celebrities life through both their daily work lives and their days off. On a recent episode of the program, Girls’ Generation Yoona’s attitude and actions towards her staff members had viewers in tears.

Yoona prepared cookies that she made by herself to share with her staff members and team.

She even packaged them cutely in this adorable box!

The snack she prepared for everyone were these cute apple-shaped cookies.

The night before, she prepared the dough and made these adorable cookies.

Viewers could see how much time and effort she put in to preparing these snacks.

The next day, Yoona takes her cookies to her work place as she gets ready for makeup.

Yoona is in a comfortable atmosphere because most of the people she has been working with for over ten years.

During their conversation, a staff members asks if Eunhee is ok.

Surprised, Yoona asks if Eunhee is sick.

The staff member begins to explain Eunhee’s situation.

After hearing about the staff member, Yoona could not stop worrying about Eunhee.

After finding out that the staff member’s absence would not be temporary, Yoona sheds tears of sadness.

Yoona however tries to be strong for the staff member and lets them know that health is the most important.

But it was evident that Yoona was very worried and hoped that Eunhee would be healthy again soon.

Fans were touched at just how much Yoona cared and worried about her staff members and team. Being in the industry a long time, most of her staff members have become her friends and family and seeing one of them sick truly saddened her. We hope that Eunhee will get better soon!

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