Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Had To Endure Tremendous Pain From Surgery During Their 10th-Anniversary—Here’s How She Got Through It All

She’s so strong!

The legendary Girls’ Generation recently made an appearance on Yoo Quiz On The Block and while the episode was filled with fun activities and topics, the girls also revealed some of the tougher moments of their career.

One tough moment for Yuri was during the group’s 10th-anniversary album. Unfortunately during that time of her career, Yuri had just gone through surgery so rehearsals and promoting were painful. To ease the pain, Yuri shared she had to receive injections.

For Girls’ Generation, the 10th-anniversary album was a symbolic and big project. I had to have an operation then. I practiced in heels for a long time and overcame the pain while getting shots and stood on stage.

— Yuri

One other thing that helped Yuri endure the pain was her fellow members! If it wasn’t for her members, Yuri said she might have given up.

At that time, I was really sick, and without these friends, I would have given up much more easily.

— Yuri

This warms Sones hearts Yuri’s words prove that the bond between the members is so strong.

Check out the clip below:

Source: Star News

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