Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Did The Funniest Thing To Mislead New Fans Who Can’t Tell Her Apart From Yoona And Seohyun

It’s a very Yuri thing to do!

Girls’ Generation has some of the funniest interactions with their fans!

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The SM Entertainment girl group recently returned to the music scene to celebrate their 15th year anniversary. Besides several music show performances and interviews, they also appeared in SM TOWN LIVE 2022.

Here, a photo featuring the “Bermuda Triangle” of Girls’ Generation recently made the rounds online. Famous for their similar long dark hair and stunning features, Yoona, Yuri, and Seohyun were the original “visual trio” of the group. They were also known for being mistaken for one another very often.

From Left to Right: Yoona, Yuri, and Seohyun | @yulyulk/Instagram

They acknowledged this fact throughout the years, understanding that new fans—especially foreigners—had difficulty telling them apart.

Do the three of us look alike? Please don’t get confused!

— Yuri

This time around, Yuri made it even harder for new SONEs to get to know the group. She jokingly mixed up their name tags on Instagram to mislead her followers.

If someone clicked on Yoona’s face, Yuri made sure they would be directed to Seohyun’s Instagram profile instead. If they clicked on Yuri, they would be led to Yoona’s page. And if they clicked on Seohyun, they would think that she owned Yuri’s Instagram account.

| @yulyulk/Instagram

The next picture was even more confusing—Yoona suddenly became Seohyun and vice versa!

| @yulyulk/Instagram

Even after all these years, the “Bermuda Triangle” of Girls’ Generation still continues to be a source of confusion for many fans.

And when it comes to trolling, senior K-Pop idols like Yuri know how to do it seamlessly!

Yuri | @yulyulk/Instagram
Source: Instagram

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