Seohyun’s Emotional Breakdown Has Fans Saying She’s Prettier When She’s Crying

Seohyun was a drunk, sobbing mess, but fans think she looked even more beautiful than usual.

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun broke down in a drunken emotional wreck in the MBC drama Time – and production stills of her lying on the floor sobbing has fans shocked that she’s even prettier as a complete drunken mess.


Seohyun plays Seol Jihyeon, an aspiring chef who was forced to become the breadwinner of her household at an early age after her younger sister’s tragic death. Kim Junghyun stars beside Seohyun as Cheon Sooho, the cold-hearted heir who is seemingly responsible for Jihyun’s sister’s death. When Sooho learns that he doesn’t have much time left to live, he decides to devote the final days of his life to helping Jihyun.


In an upcoming scene teased by the production team, Seohyun has collapsed on the floor of the dark, empty restaurant, sobbing into a bowl of cream spaghetti.


Even though her hair is tangled and she’s a complete broken down mess, she still manages to look beautiful.


And her acting is being praised, not only by fans, but by the drama’s crew.

“When Seohyun is off camera, she enlivens the atmosphere on set with her bright smile, and when she is on camera, she heightens the drama’s realism with her acting, which boasts a flawless transformation into the character of Seol Jihyun.” — Time Producer


Netizens are doubly impressed by her acting and her visuals.

  • “Seohyun is acting really well in this drama so it’s really fun to watch.”
  • “She’s inspiring! She’s been doing very well. Keep it up, we’re cheering for you!”
  • “Ahhh Seohyun looks so good when she cries. How can she look so pretty?”
  • “She’s really acting well, I can’t wait for this episode.”
  • “She’s so pretty! Look at her thin ankles and wrists… how can she be so pretty?”
  • “She’s so beautiful, like a star, even when she’s crying.”


Seohyun has earned the nickname “flower chef” for her role as Jihyun, because she’s so casually pretty (even when she’s crying!).

Source: Newsen and Sports Chosun