Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon And Jung Hyung Don Reunited On “Amazing Saturday” And Had Hollywood Shaking

Who remembers this couple?

On a recent episode of tvN’s Amazing Saturday- Doremi Market, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and comedian Jung Hyung Don reunited together on television. Known as the “Pudding and Jelly” couple, they played an on-screen married couple on MBC’s We Got Married back in 2009.

Fast forward to present day, the two met up again and their interactions on the show were so dramatic it had Hollywood shaking!

Hollywood is shaking

Taeyeon: Are those braces?

Jung Hyung Don: Look at you again, wanting to try and talk to me.

Shin Dong Yup: It looks like Taeyeon still has some bitter feelings left.

Taeyeon: I mean, he’s the one that did something wrong.

Shin Dong Yup: The two of them did an on-screen marriage show but Jung Hyung Dong suddenly left the show to get married for real.

Taeyeon: I’m cool about it.

Shin Dong Yup: Wow Hollywood style!


What do I call You?

Jung Hyung Don: I am always sorry to Jelly.
Taeyeon: Don’t call me by my nickname!


Poetry to mend the heart

Jung Hyung Don: Jelly does so well, doesn’t she?

Taeyeon: I only wrote poetry after we broke up. I only did calligraphy after we parted ways.

Don’t tie us together

Jung Hyung Don: But if Pudding and Jelly want to eat beef lasagna…
Taeyeon: Don’t try to tie us together!


Take it back

Jung Hyung Don: I’ll give this to Taeyeon and I will try again.
Taeyeon: It’s okay take it back.


Netizens that saw this took a trip down memory lane as they reminisced about this couple from twelve years ago.

  • “This is so funny omg.”
  • “I love Jung Hyung Don’s unique way of talking to Taeyeon.”
  • “Taeyeon was so funny today.”
  • “I love these two’s interactions…so funny!”
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