Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals Which Of Her Solo Songs Made Her Question If Doing Music Was Right For Her

“At the time, I wondered what to do.”

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s solo career continues to thrive with each hit she releases! While fans love everything she creates, Taeyeon revealed she has one song that she wasn’t too crazy about in the beginning.

On her recent appearance on MMTG, Taeyeon opened up on her solo career and her several hit songs. Taeyeon started out by talking about her debut solo song “I.” As many know, the hit song is beautiful but very challenging as it has many high notes. According to Taeyeon, the song was originally in a lower note but Taeyeon felt the note should be raised.

It was really high. It was supposed to be lower, but I felt that I should do something big so I just went for it.

— Taeyeon

Taeyeon also shared her ballad “U R” was also a challenging song! Taeyeon expressed, “I thought my organs would pop out during recording.”

Though Taeyeon had her challenges, she was able to conquer them all. Despite it doing very well on the charts, Taeyeon shared her wasn’t very fond of her song “Four Seasons”

Actually, I didn’t really like my song ‘Four Seasons’ too much. I wasn’t sure on how to make the melody work, and it wasn’t my vibe.

— Taeyeon

Because she was uncertain on how to take on the song, Taeyeon shared she questioned whether a career in music was right for her.

At the time, I wondered what to do. There are so many other talented people, and I thought music wasn’t for me. I have a lot of life left to live, and there might be other talents I have. I was thiking those types of  thoughts and accepted the lyrics that way, so I combined music with life.

— Taeyeon

Hearing Taeyeon’s words are heartbreaking as SONEs know Taeyeon is a talented artist and her music proves it!

Check out the clip below:

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