Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Praised For Greeting Older Korean Celebrity Like A “Folder”

Despite being a senior in the music industry since making her debut with Girls’ Generation, Tiffany is being praised for consistent respectful manners towards her colleagues. 

A series of photos were uploaded on Instiz which compiled Tiffany’s “folder” greeting towards fellow celebrities, in particular older industry colleagues. Despite being a senior to a number of idol celebrities as a member of Girls’ Generation, Tiffany remains a junior not only in age but also experience towards fellow celebrities on the program, Sisters’ Slam Dunk. 

In the photos, she was seen running towards her colleagues and folded herself into a respectful bow as greeting, earning favourable comments from the netizens.

It was also discovered, however, that Tiffany remains respectful not only towards her seniors, but also to her juniors. Recently, she was praised for her good manners towards rookie idol group, TWICE.

Source: Instiz