Girls’ Generation’s tummies looked very different back in 2010

Photos of Girls’ Generation in costumes that showed off their bellies in 2010 resurfaced and fans couldn’t help but comment that they had adorable tummies back then! 

Back in 2010, the members of Girls’ Generation performed their hit singles “Oh!” and “Gee” for a football game as cheerleaders. The girls wore pink crop tops, white shorts, and white lace-up boots to match the uniforms of the football players.

Several pictures of their adorable and squishy baby tummies recently resurfaced and fans couldn’t help but point out how young the girls looked, and how they still had some baby fat back then! The girls already looked slim, however, as the years passed, it seems as if the girls have lost even more weight compared to back then.

Check out these throwback photos from almost seven years ago!

The girls are definitely the queens of K-pop!
Sooyoung has grown up so much!
Sunny sings her heart out in her cute outfit.
Yuri’s dance shows off her long limbs.
Hyoyeon’s beautiful body is exposed in this tiny crop top.
Do you think Taeyeon looks different now?
Tiffany looks adorable in pigtails as she dances with passion.
Taeyeon points to the crowd to get them pumped up.
The girls rocked their innocent cheerleader concept.
The youngest member of Girls’ Generation has definitely grown up a lot!
Taeyeon’s squishy tummy is so cute!
Tiffany is still as adorable as ever!

Check out their full performance on the football field!