Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Channels Each Of Her Members In This Mashup Of Each Of Their Solo Songs

She danced to each and every Girls’ Generation member’s solo song.

Ahead of her birthday on May 30, Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona uploaded a dance cover mashup on her Instagram IGTV account where she danced to Girls’ Generation solo songs.

She started with Seohyun‘s “Don’t Say No,” and we’re glad she didn’t say no to this.

Then the beat dropped and she transitioned into Yuri‘s “Into You”.

Moving right along, she went into Tiffany‘s debut single “I Just Wanna Dance”. Several points were made.

Up next was fellow Girls’ Generation dancing machine Hyoyeon‘s solo song “Wannabe”.

Taeyeon‘s “Why” came next, and we know exactly why: because it’s a bop!

Once she had each of her members solos checked off of the list, Yoona dived right into some of her juniors songs, like BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”…

…and TWICE‘s “What Is Love”!

Yoona’s birthday dance video seems more like a birthday present to the fans! On her birthday, May 30, she also has new music coming out; she’ll be releasing a single titled “Summer Night”.

You can watch her full dance cover video on her IGTV, or below:

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