This Girl Used To Be DIA’s Assistant, Now She’s A Girl Group Member

In older videos where DIA was busking for their song “On The Road,” fans saw a female staff on the sidelines that looked very similar to Jooeun. Although she was wearing a mask fans recognized her right away. 

Jooeun is the one wearing a cap and mask in the back!

They realized that Jooeun had been touring with DIA as a member of the staff at the time.

Jooeun is next to Eunjin’s right arm!

There is even footage of her helping the group prepare for a performance prior to the show.
Jooeun was already known to the public as she had participated in K-Pop Star before, unfortunately not making the cut.

She’s now a member of the group!

After a short break from the industry though, she’s finally back on the scene as a member of DIA.