Girls are wearing hanboks with skirts now, and Koreans aren’t sure how they feel about it

Korean fashionistas are turning traditional hanboks into modern wear, and the responses have been divided.

Source: Hanbok Style

Hanboks are the traditional clothing of Korea, often stylized in graceful designs that cover most of the body.

But a new fashion trend is hitting the streets of modern Korea.

Source: Hanbok Style

Girls are stylizing hanboks into short skirts for everyday casual wear!

Source: Hanbok Style

The modern hanboks have become a huge fad among the K-Fashion scene.

Source: Hanbok Style

As even idols like PRISTIN have been seen wearing them for holiday celebrations.

From short tennis skirts to skirts that end just below the knee, this new twist on hanboks comes in a variety of looks.

While some fashion-forward Koreans are praising the trend for perfectly infusing the new with the old…

More traditional Koreans are worried that the new trend ignores and abandons the traditional values of the celebratory clothes.

Either way, the modern hanboks are definitely a refreshing twist on Korean fashion!