“The Glory” Actor Jung Sung Il Rocks A “Dad Bod” — But It’s Not What You Think

The photos are supporting evidence of the “hot ahjussi syndrome.”

Actor Jung Sung Il has been everyone’s favorite “hot ahjussi” since he played the role of Ha Do Young in Netflix‘s The Glory—and his body transformation only fans the flame.

Jung Sung Il as Ha Do Young in The Glory | Netflix

Jung Sung Il was recognized for his quiet and mysterious sexiness as Ha Do Young, and many fans declared their love for the actor. He didn’t get to this point of success overnight—he shared that he had a difficult childhood and was an actor for over 20 years before finally getting into the limelight.

Jung Sung Il also revealed how he transformed his body dramatically in just eight weeks. In an Instagram post, Jung Sung Il revealed a series of pictures that show his body transformation.

| @ygmicael/Instagram

The surprising thing about his transformation was that he had no help from physical trainers—he did it all himself. In the caption, he stated that from July 16 to September 10, he paid ₩25,000 KRW (about $19.20 USD) for a workout book and worked out on his own. He added that he worked out for about two to three hours daily.

His transformation was incredible, and in an interview, Jung Sung Il stated that he worked really hard to achieve this body.

I wasn’t working at the time and I had an offer for an independent movie as the role of a killer with a fit body. I was desperate, so I accepted the offer and worked on my body.

— Jung Sung Il

With the book titled 8 Week Miracle: Muscle Resurrection, Jung Sung Il controlled his diet, got a gym membership nearby his home for ₩100,000 KRW (about $76.80 USD) for three months, and worked out with routines and diet plans from the book.

The book 8 Week Miracle: Muscle Resurrection | Kyobo Book Centre

In the end, the independent movie never happened. Even though the film didn’t work out, Jung Sung Il’s hard work paid off, and it was this hard work and determination that brought the actor to success.

Jung Sung Il stated that he had to get back in shape for The Glory because the director wanted Ha Do Young to look sharp and sensitive. This time, however, he admitted he needed the help of his company and a personal trainer because it was too difficult doing it alone.

We can confidently say that he portrayed the role of Ha Do Young perfectly!



Source: E Daily and tvN

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