The Line From “The Glory” Script That Made Actress Song Hye Kyo Angry For Her Character

She understood her character’s pain when seeing those words.

When an actress or actor reads a script, there are sometimes lines that resonate with them emotionally. Actress Song Hye Kyo had one of those moments when she got mad on behalf of her The Glory character Moon Dong Eun.

Song Hye Kyo as Moon Dong Eun in ‘The Glory.’

At the mention of any scenes or lines from The Glory that made her angry, Song Hye Kyo recalled a particular line from one of the offenders in the series.

Song Hye Kyo pointed out the nonchalant way the offender brushed off Moon Dong Eun’s trauma. She said, “After Dong Eun shows up, ‘Did she treat her that harshly? Was I that harsh?’

The actress remembered being “so mad about it.” She was stunned by how differently the offender viewed the situation compared to what Mono Dong Eun experienced at their hands.

Song Hye Kyo emphasized how heartbreaking it was. She said, “Although they gave them such a big scar and pain, it’s not even left in their memory. It made me mad.

Listen to Song Hye Kyo sympathize with how poorly Moon Dong Eun was treated by others.

The Glory

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