“The Glory” Actress Song Hye Kyo’s Reaction To A “Look-Alike” Male K-Pop Idol Shows Her True Personality

Her response left a lasting impression on the 2nd-gen idol.

On the most recent episode of Sunmi‘s Showterview, she caught up with fellow second-generation idol INFINITE‘s Sungjong, who kept viewers entertained with his unapologetically unfiltered explanation of some of his most iconic career moments.

INFINITE’s Sungjong and Sunmi | @leeseongjongofficialspk/Instagram

Over a decade into his career as an idol, INFINITE’s talented maknae made his long-awaited solo debut under his new company, SPK Entertainment.

On March 13, he released his first single album, The One, which featured a title track of the same name that he wrote to show his love for fans, Inspirits.

Sungjong’s “The One” album cover | @ssongjjong.ifnt/Instagram

Thirteen years after INFINITE’s debut, Sungjong remains as outgoing, talented, and youthful looking as ever.

Sunmi couldn’t help but think back to INFINITE’s debut and shared that she fell in love with the group from their very first “Come Back Again” stage.

After reminiscing about many of INFINITE’s iconic songs, Sunmi brought out posters of Sungjong’s most iconic memes so he could explain the details surrounding the viral moments. 

One of the memes was from INFINITE’s 2016 appearance on SNL Korea. The group hosted the show, which is adapted from the long-running U.S. television show Saturday Night Live.

For one of the group’s skits, Sungjong dressed up as actress Song Hye Kyo‘s character from the K-Drama, Autumn In My Heart.

INFINITE’s Sungjong as Song Hye Kyo’s “Autumn In My Heart” character at “SNL Korea”

Sungjong shared he had frequently heard that he resembled the actress after his debut and had the nickname “Male Song Hye Kyo.”

When asked if he had ever met the legendary actress in person, Sungjong shared that they had yet to cross paths, but she did mention him in a magazine interview.

She was asked, ‘Sungjong has been under the spolight [for resembling] you, What do you think?’ And she answered the question!

— Sungjong

Song Hye Kyo thoughtfully answered with Inspirits in mind, saying she was worried fans wouldn’t like her to be compared to Sungjong. The INFINITE member was touched by her sweet response.

Although it’s been seven years since he parodied the actress’s Autumn In My Heart character, Sungjong again channeled the actress to recreate one of her many iconic lines from the hit K-Drama, The Glory.

Sungjong recited the line from Song Hye Kyo’s church hallway scene with Kim Hieora‘s character, Lee Sa Ra. In the scene, Song Hye Kyo’s character, Moon Dong Eun, taunts Lee Sa Ra and informs her that her god is “pissed” and said she’s “going to hell.” Sungjong changed the line to include Sunmi’s name as she acted as Lee Sa Ra.

In a full circle moment, Sungjong sent a video message to Song Hye Kyo, thanking her and sharing that he hopes to meet the kind actress in person.

Hopefully, the two celebs can meet soon and recreate the iconic scenes together!

Source: YouTube

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