“The Glory” Actresses Song Hye Kyo and Lim Ji Yeon Both Wore Gorgeous Black Dresses To The Same Event But Served Completely Different Vibes

Two gorgeous queens.

Undoubtedly, The Glory’s Song Hye Kyo and Lim Ji Yeon are two of the hottest actresses right now, even months after the show’s finalé.

Song Hye Kyo | Chaumet
Lim Ji Yeon | Vogue Korea 

The two talented actresses have been appearing at various awards shows, collecting accolades, and impressing with their visuals. At the 2023 Baeksang Arts Awards, where Song Hye Kyo won the “Best Actress” award, the two showed two different ways of wearing white dresses.

On July 19, the 2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards took place, honoring the best in streaming content. The stars looked stunning as they attended the event, especially Song Hye Kyo and Lim Ji Yeon, who wore dresses of the same color again!

Lim Ji Yeon wore a breathtakingly beautiful floor-length gown with contrasting ruffles.

She accessorized with matching earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet set.

Song Hyo Kyo’s dress was a bit more simple but no less stunning on her. She looked the picture of royalty as she walked the red carpet.

But the moment she looked most beautiful was while she was accepting her grand prize award!

Congratulations to both of these beautiful talented women!

Same Fit, Different Vibes