“The Glory” Actresses Song Hye Kyo And Lim Ji Yeon Both Wore Sexy AF Crop Tops But Served Completely Different Vibes

The beautiful actresses showcased their unreal physiques!

After the hit K-Drama The Glory ended, a new spotlight was shone on actresses Song Hye Kyo and Lim Ji Yeon.

Actress Song Hye Kyo | @kyo1122/Instagram
Actress Lim Ji Yeon | @limjjy2/Instagram

Both stars recently made headlines together when they starred as enemies in the hit K-Drama The Glory. Throughout the series, the interactions between the actresses’ characters were far from friendly, with a serious story about bullying.



Of course, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth and the two have showcased a strong friendship. Even more recently, the two shined with their “sibling-like” resemblance with a picture of the duo after the Baeskangs.

The two actresses at the Baeksangs | @kyo1122/Instagram

As veteran actresses, both Song Hye Kyo and Lim Ji Yeon have worn some beautiful items over the years, including sexy crop tops.

After the success of The Glory, Song Hye Kyo did a stunning photoshoot for Harpers Bazaar magazine. In one of the photos, Song Hye Kyo wore what seemed like a knitted turtleneck crop top. While the color was simple and the design ribbed, the combination of the top with the dark makeup, skirt, and accessories created a fundamentally sexy look.

Even with a much more natural look, Song Hye Kyo managed to make a much simpler designed black crop top seem ready for the runway.

In photos taken outside, Song Hye Kyo looked elegant and ethereal as she wore a structured crop top that almost mimicked a corset shape. Unlike the magazine photoshoot for Harpers Bazaar, the actress teamed the top with a pair of light jeans and much simpler makeup.

Lim Ji Yeon also wore crop tops but served completely different looks.

During a photoshoot, the actress looked almost unrecognizable with short hair, but her unique features were undeniable. In particular, Lim Ji Yeon teamed up a beautifully elegant sheer lace crop top with a black tulle skirt.

Although Lim Ji Yeon looked beautiful, all made up and wearing the sheer crop top, she also proved that she could pull the item off in any style.

In 2022, the actress starred in the K-Drama Rose Mansion and pulled off a sports crop top which, although simpler, showcased her toned physique and allowed her natural visuals to shine.

Both Song Hye Kyo and Lim Ji Yeon continue to shine with their talent and visuals, wearing crop tops in very different ways to showcase their own style and personalities with their looks.

You can read more about the two actresses wearing sexy looks but putting their own twist on the items.

“The Glory” Actresses Song Hye Kyo And Lim Ji Yeon Both Wore Sexy Bra Tops But Served Completely Different Vibes

Same Fit, Different Vibes

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