“The Glory” Writer Reveals Why She Would Rather Have Her Daughter Be A Bully Victim Than A Perpetrator

“What would hurt you more: if I beat someone to death or if I get beaten to death?”

Writer Kim Eun Sook attended a premiere for part 2 of Netflix‘s The Glory and shared her opinion on if she would prefer her daughter to be a victim or a perpetrator of bullying.

Writer Kim Eun Sook | The Daily Sports

Kim Eun Sook shared that she got the idea to write this highly successful show after a life-changing question from her daughter: “Mom, what would hurt you more: if I beat someone to death or if I get beaten to death?

She stated that she was looking for the answer to this question as she wrote The Glory—and she finally found her answer.

If [my daughter] was beaten to death, there would be a solution. From my point of view, it’s this: I can bring the perpetrators to hell with my money.

| Netflix

The writer then continued by saying that this is not the case for Moon Dong Eun, the protagonist of The Glory and for many victims of bullying around the world, so she wanted to create a revenge story that was different from reality.

But Dong Eun in our drama can’t do that. And most of the Dong Euns in our world can’t do that. They can’t all meet wealthy parents like me and be raised in that a family environment. So I wanted to cheer for them. Since the reality is the opposite, I tried to make Dong Eun’s revenge more successful. Watch the show to see how the ending will turn out.

| Netflix

Many netizens responded to this statement on an online forum. Some people had mixed feelings.

| theqoo

  • “What if the perpetrator is filthy richㅠㅠ”
  • “Kim Eun Sook is cool but like she said, the majority of parents can’t be cool like that so it’s sad and I can’t really fully be like, “Wow, so cool lol” I understand Kim Eun Sook is being encouraging with this production… but I can’t help but think that parents without money will hear this and be sad”
  • In response to previous comment: “It’s not meant to be heard as ‘cool’ but she’s saying that most of the Dong Euns of the world aren’t like that… Why are you commenting like that without understanding it properly LOL… Kim Eun Sook has been saying this from the start and thats why she wrote this show”
  • “The important part about this video is that the majority of Dong Euns in the world don’t have rich parents like her and reality is the opposite, that’s why she wrote this to encourage them”
  • “But the reality is that no matter how much money the victim has, the perpetrator can go to Seoul National University if they have enough money lol”

However, most netizens praised her with comments saying, “She’s so cool” and “God Eun Sook,” and they supported her honest and blunt answer and the heart behind it.

| theqoo

  • “Personally, I’m so thankful that an adult is rooting for them ~you’re the best, Kim Eun Sook ^^”
  • “I wish I had the money to bring my kid’s perpetrators to hell.. ㅠㅠ”
  • “The second part of what she said is so cool, that in reality there are more people like Dong Eun who don’t come from rich parents so she wanted to make her revenge as successful as she could”
  • “Wow she’s so f*cking cool”
  • “She not only has money but the power of influence, f*cking cool”
  • “It’s so good that such an influential and big person like Kim Eun Sook has that belief.. I’ve seen so many big and influential writers in media often express a lot of shitty ideas and it was the absolute worst”
  • “I want to live in a world of adults like her and I want to become an adult like her”
  • “Thank you for bringing this topic to the surface”

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Source: The Daily Sports, Wikitree and theqoo