Goblin OST’s Latest Release Has Upset A Lot Of Fans

While most of Goblin‘s soundtrack releases have been met with excitement, the release of the intro song, “Round and Round”, has been met with a mixture of primarily anger and disappointment.

On January 20, CJ Entertainment released part 14 of the Goblin official soundtrack. The much-anticipated single, “Round and Round”, was revealed to be the full version of the show’s intro song and expectations were high among fans. Fans were less than thrilled by the release of the song, however, as it was not what they had expected.

Instead of being a continuation of the alto, mellow voice of Han Sooji (the original singer in the intro), the song tacks the original 50-second intro onto an entirely different track sung primarily by Heize. Fans were not pleased by this creation as many felt that the addition of Heize’s vocals was an unnecessary marketing gimmick by CJ Entertainment in order to add one more star to their ‘star-studded’ OST for Goblin.

Heize’s addition to the song was not the only thing fans were mad about either. Many were angered that Han Sooji only received a mere ‘featuring’ credit in the title despite being the original and most predominant voice in the song. After the first 50 seconds of the song, (in which Sooji sings all by herself), you can hear her vocals mixed in with Heize’s throughout the rest of the song.

Viewers of the show have become so attached to the intro that one fan even created their own full versions of the song using only Sooji’s vocals and it has attracted an impressive 2 million views.
So, for those of you who were upset about the official release, here’s the fanmade version featuring only Han Sooji: