This Is All Of Us When We Stand Next To Godly Figured K-Pop Idols

That’s definitely photoshop.

On Weekly Idol, CUBE Entertainment‘s brand new unit WOOSEOK X KUANLIN made an appearance and boasted their stunning visuals.


When these images of Wooseok and Kuanlin standing next to Nam Chang Hee, Jo Se Ho, and Kwanghee went viral though, fans couldn’t help but relate hard with the show hosts!


With Wooseok towering at 6’2″ and Kuanlin at 6’0″, WOOSEOK X KUANLIN is officially the giant unit of K-Pop!


Fans laughed at how tiny the show hosts seem next to Wooseok and Kuanlin. Some pointed out that is most likely how everyone would look, next to such visual kings!

“LOL, is this photoshopped or what?”

“It’s like they’re from another planet.”

“This reminds me of the Gulliver story!”


On the show, Wooseok and Kuanlin got to learn Kwanghee’s signature “Oh Nanana” dance. While Kwanghee had fun making the dance seem silly…


… Wooseok completely owned his moves and turned the set into his very own solo stage!


Fans can’t wait to see more of Wooseok and Kuanlin’s chemistry!

Source: Nate Pann