These Idols Are Coming To Steal All Their Sunbaes’ Hearts

No sunbae can resist them!

If there’s one thing that fans know to be true it’s that Golden Child truly does have the golden touch! Not only are they making fans fall for them they’ve also successfully stolen the hearts of many of their sunbaes. Who knows who’s next!


It all started with the group’s resident EXO-L, Jaehyun.


Fans knew how much he loved and respected his EXO sunbaenims…


So they were extremely excited when they found out he’d been able to meet them!


But he didn’t stop there, he later revealed that although his first conversation with the group wasn’t overly exciting, they did greet him very warmly.


With one sunbae group successfully captured the group then moved on to another, SEVENTEEN.



After the group performed an amazing cover of “Very Nice”…


Fans found out that not only had SEVENTEEN seen the performance but were very impressed by it!


Then they came for BTOB‘s hearts. First, Joochan melted hearts with his cover of “Beautiful Pain”…


And then they put a huge smile on Eungkwang‘s face when they performed “Missing You” with him!


With three groups now head over heels for their hoobaes, Golden Child was about to steal another group’s heart. Fans knew they loved their WINNER sunbaenims and couldn’t contain their joy when they found out that not only had WINNER greeted them at Inkigayo

“I’ve been a fan of Sunghoon sunbaenim from when he was in K-Pop Star. I voted for him back then. I’ve always respected and admired him and seeing him at Inkigayo last week was my first time seeing him in person.”

— Youngtaek


They’d also given them signed CDs!

“After the ending stage, Seunghoon sunbaenim came up to us and said, ‘You’re Golden Child, right?’ and gave me their signed CD! WINNER sunbaenim recognized us! It was so moving. We love “EVERYDAY”, “Air”, “LaLa”, all the songs!”

— Youngtaek


Of course, WINNER themselves have even admitted how much they love their hoobaes!

“Our dongsaengs! We have a lot juniors now. We may not be an old group but there’s a lot of new groups, but we only call Golden Child dongsaengs.”



After successfully stealing the hearts of EXO, SEVENTEEN, BTOB, and WINNER, they’ve proved that no sunbae is safe from their charms! Which is why fans weren’t too surprised with their latest win. What started with Roy Kim‘s special shoutout to Jibeom on Idol Radio


Ended up with Roy Kim posing for pictures with Jibeom and Y


When the two attended his concert…


Where Roy Kim may or may not have officially adopted them!

With so many sunbaes falling for their charms, it looks like no one is safe from Golden Child’s golden touch!