Golden Child Talks About Filming Their Zombie-Thriller, “Burn It”, And More

The boys talk about just how difficult it is to film such a serious concept.

A few days ago, Golden Child released their fifth mini-album YES. which features the title track “Burn It” with an accompanying mature zombie-thriller music video. Today, members Daeyeol, Jangjun, Y, Donghyun, and Tag were invited as guests on Lee Joon’s Young Street to discuss this interesting concept.

They were first asked about the atmosphere on set and during their photoshoot. Was it somber? Was it difficult?

We couldn’t contain our laughter. It got to the point where our smiles show in our teasers.


The scenes where we had to look at each other were so funny that I had to pause and laugh.


When other members were filming, we needed to leave the area so that we could finish faster.


“Burn It” captures each member’s experiences during the zombie apocalypse. They were asked if the zombies scared their real-life selves. Donghyun responded, “I tend to get scared easily, so I was scared. The actors were so realistic that it was much scarier.

Tag laughed and added, “I was worried because I haven’t had a lot of experience acting. However, the zombie actors were so scary that I didn’t even have to act.

The group, however, praised Y for his amazing acting skills. Jangjun specifically mentioned that “There’s a scene where Y is on top of a bus and he lights a flare with his bare hands. His movements were that of someone who knew what they were doing.

Lee Joon concluded by asking their leader, Daeyeol, what he does to get his members to focus.

As the leader, I have to take control before practice starts. If I give them the feeling that I will get mad if they don’t focus, then they focus. That’s how we finish things that should take 4-5 hours in 1-2 hours. I feel sorry to my members because I act pretty strictly.


Jangjun added, “Even if one person slightly messes up, he addresses the entire group.” Daeyeol explained, “If I address the whole group, the synergy improves.

Analyze the music video below!

Source: Newsen and TV Report