Golden Child’s Jangjun Cracks ENHYPEN Up With Crazy Reason He Went Viral

It almost sounded too funny to be true.

As one of the MCs for SSAP Possible: Melon Station, Golden Child‘s Jangjun caused laughter when showing the hilarious reason reporters were “annoyed” by ENHYPEN‘s Sunghoon. He then made everyone laugh even more when sharing why he caught reporters’ attention as well.

Jangjun | @GoldenChild/Twitter

For Jangjun, it all started with his armpits. Maintaining his image as an idol, he did what many male idols do: he shaved his armpit hair to keep it smooth. To his surprise, the small act made it into the headlines.

Jangjun said the reporters called him, “The idol who’s ready.” Hearing the story, ENHYPEN couldn’t help but laugh. They clapped and nearly fell out of their seats from the funny phrase.

MC AB6IX‘s Woong laughed just as hard as ENHYPEN while Jangjun tried to say it was indeed true. To prove it, the editors even included an article where the reporter said Jangjun was “‘preparing professionally for the sleeveless costume.’

Other news outlets uploaded articles showcasing Jangjun’s smooth armpits and hadn’t been the only ones joining in on the fun.

Even fans couldn’t resist uploading photos where they showed off Janjun’s bare armpits. Until this very day, there are still K-Netizens who jokingly call him the “armpit guy.

When you’re an idol, even the smallest things don’t go unnoticed—especially by reporters. Check out the funny moment that had everyone losing their minds.