Golden Child’s Joochan Accidentally Ran Right Into A Fist

Donghyun wasn’t expecting him to pop up right there.

During the New Year’s special of the Idol Star Athletics Championships, Golden Child‘s Jangjun was having the time of his life. It could’ve easily been renamed as Idol Jangjun’s Athletics Championships.

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On the flip side, Joochan had encountered a little problem of his own.

Wanting to have some fun with Donghyun, Joochan ran over to him. Donghyun hadn’t been paying attention to him, though. Instead, he was following TAG‘s lead, ready to lift his fist into the air.

As Joochan ran into him, he collided with Donghyun. From the looks of it, it seemed like his face remained unharmed. He’d turned it out of the way. The only points of connection seemed to be between Joochan’s shoulder and Donghyun’s elbow.

Although it’s unclear if Joochan had been hit directly, one thing’s for certain. The last thing Donghyun would’ve wanted to do was hurt him, even accidentally.

See the minor incident between the two here. Despite this, Golden Child should start the New Year off by remaining strong and healthy. That’s all Goldenness would want.