Golden Child’s Seungmin Believes “Ra Pam Pam” Will Be Successful Because He Saw A Ghost During The Song’s MV Shooting

It’s an interesting theory!

In light of their latest comeback with “Ra Pam Pam” the talented members of Golden Child Weekly Idol. 

During the episode, the members revealed that they felt their new hit would be a success all because of a ghost they saw during their MV shooting.

The members expressed that if one sees a ghost on set then their album will be a hit. Seungmin commented, “I saw a ghost on the set of the music video.”

Seungmin then shared a video that showed a filter showing up in the air despite there being no face and he questioned, “If a face is recognized during a mobile phone photo application, doesn’t it create a filter? A filter keeps appearing in the air.

Joo Chan then commented that the building was in fact abandoned so seeing a ghost is a big possibility.

Source: Star News