Golden Child’s TAG Calls “Baby” TXT’s Yeonjun During His Live Broadcast

This interaction is too cute to handle!

Golden Child‘s TAG recently held a live broadcast and TXT‘s Yeonjun even joined in to watch!

During TAG’s live broadcast, he suddenly noticed that TXT’s Yeonjun was watching and got super shy.

Looks like my friend is watching my VLIVE right now. It’s Tomorrow x Together’s Yeonjun! Can you turn (my VLIVE ) off now because i’m embarrassed? Stop watching, baby.


TAG went on and praised Yeonjun as a loveable dongsaeng (younger friend) and even called him jagiya which is a term that can be interpreted as multiple affectionate terms such as honey, sweetie, darling, baby, etc.

Yeonjun isn’t a same aged-friend, he’s younger! He replied! He said I look like an orange. I’m calling him ‘jagiya’ as a joke!! of course, our Goldenness (fandom name) are my babies.


Both Goldenness and MOA are happy to see this adorable interaction and friendship and hope to see more of the duo in the future!

Check out the clip below: