The Voting App Company For Golden Disc Awards Confirms the Illegal Vote Accusations

The plot thickens…

LG U+, the Telecommunications Company behind the app used for the ‘Golden Disc Awards’ voting process, confirmed the total number of illegal votes generated by certain fandom.

In an official statement, LG U+ confirmed the use of non-existing phone numbers to create fraudulent user IDs to vote for the awards. They didn’t disclose the exact method in fear of creating more harms but announced those who have committed such act will be held accountable for the action.

It was explained the illegal voting was not stopped when it was first detected since the legitimate voting was also in process. However, the action was taken right after the voting was finalized and the fraudulent votes were eliminated before it was counted. They also confirmed no customer database was hacked and no personal information was stolen to create user IDs

According to LG U+, group ‘A’ generated 168 illegal votes and group ‘B’ generated 184,332 illegal votes in total.

The statement ended with an apology for those who participated in the voting process honestly and promised they will create a stronger security system to avoid this type of activities in the future.


Source: Chosun