Gong Hyo Jin Opens up About the Time She Became “That Clingy Girlfriend”

We’ve all been there.

Gong Hyo Jin recently spoke in an interview with TEN Asia where she opened up about her past dating life.

When she was asked if she has received texts such as “Are you sleeping?” and “What are you doing?“, Gong Hyo Jin confessed, “I’ve received them before, and I’ve sent them before as well.

She also shared, “When I sent a text and they still haven’t read it yet, I’ve even looked into whether or not I could delete my text before they got to it. I’ve also searched how to find out if the other person blocked me.

Gong Hyo Jin explained, “When you’re just starting out, sending that kind of text is a matter of pride. Even if you feel embarrassed asking if they’re sleeping or what they’re doing, you might really regret it if you don’t do it and miss your opportunity with them.

But she then added, “I’ve sent messages asking if they’re sleeping or what they’re doing, but I think it’s better not to send them. Maybe asking where they are might be better.


Source: Insight