Gong Myung carries his bride like a Queen through their new home

Gong Myung is a true gentleman as he carries his new wife Jung Hyesung throughout their new home for the first time.

The new We Got Married couple Gong Myung, and Jung Hyesung were finally taken to their new and temporary home together on the January 21st episode of the series. The couple was given a chance to explore their new beautiful home together, and Gong Myung behaved like a true romantic and carried his new wife throughout the short tour. The couple seemed extreme happy in their new home and definitely showed off a lot of chemistry already.

Aside from starring in We Got Married, Gong Myung has starred in other variety programs such as Hello Counselor, Law of the Jungle, and Paik Jongwon’s Three Great Emperors, as well as several dramas and films. As an actress, Jung Hyesung has also had her fair share of television appearances as well, including roles in the dramas Oh My Venus and To The Beautiful You, as well as variety program Candy in My Ear.

It will certainly be very entertaining and interesting to see just how close this couple’s relationship will develop as they spend more time together on the show.

Hyesung runs away from Gong Myung at first, but in the end he succeeded.

Gong Myung carried Hyesung like she was his queen!

Hyesung was the first one to try out the new and comfortable bed!

Gong Myung is truly a romantic.