Gong Myung’s Romantic Proposal Makes Jung Hye Sung Cry A River

Gong Myung surprised his We Got Married partner Jung Hye Sung with a romantic proposal, and it is heart warming.

It was a very special moment on the latest episode of We Got Married as Gong Myung finally proposed to his character, Jung Hye Sung. So far, the couple has shown their amazing chemistry with one another, and they prove just how close they have become during the proposal. It is truly heartwarming to watch!

The most adorable part is that the proposal was a complete surprise for Jung Hye Sung. Gong Myung seemed to have prepared the proposal very thoroughly and in secret and even dressed in an adorable costume just for the occasion. His dedication towards Gong Myung is absolutely precious.

After Gong Myung officially proposed, Jung Hye Sung stated:

Wow I’m getting tears in my eyes…I really feel like crying,” and then she went on to say,” Thank you… you went through a lot… I thought you were sick!”

– Jung Hye Sung

It was undeniably an emotional experience for both of the celebrities, who have only known each other for a short period but have already developed such a close relationship.

He prepared all of this for me, in front of all these people… I felt very loved then… I was very thankful and very touched.”

– Jung Hye Sung

Despite their relationship purely existing for the purpose of the show, the viewers are hoping that the two will become an actual couple! They definitely have the chemistry.

Check out the adorable proposal below: 




Source: MBCEntertainment