Lee Dong Wook Just Repaid Gong Yoo with the Same Grand Gift That He Got from Him Last Year

Loving the bromance between these two…

SOOP Entertainment recently shared two photos of Gong Yoo along with the caption, “He was once a goblin. Now, he’s human. The first filming of ‘Seo Bok’.


The shared photos show Gong Yoo standing in front of a coffee truck that Lee Dong Wook sent him to congratulate him on the filming of his new movie.

What added a sweet touch was the message that Lee Dong Wook added on the banner which read, “My beloved goblin who has become a good friend. We’re now 1:1 for coffee favors.

But that’s not all. In one of the photos, Gong Yoo can be seen pointing at another message that says, “Kim Shin, I prepared a café that’s a little bigger than your café, which also happens to be the smallest café in the world. Enjoy.”

This big gesture was actually a response to the coffee truck that Gong Yoo gifted Lee Dong Wook back when he was filming JTBC’s Life last year.

The coffee truck that Gong Yoo sent also had a message on the banner which read, “I did the coffee truck first. So the score is 1:0” and showed off his competitive spirit.

Back in 2017, these two actors starred in tvN’s Goblin and showed off exceptional chemistry and lovable bromance.

It appears that even 2 years later, these two are still great friends, and these grand gestures make fans wonder what else they’ll do for each other in the years to come.

Source: Insight