Gong Yoo And Lee Dong Wook Reveal Details About Their Friendship…And Reveal Some Of Their Cheesy Text Messages

The way these two text each other is absolutely hilarious.

Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook had quite the chemistry in Goblin, as they had many humorous moments in the drama.

On an episode of Because I Want to Talk, the two shared some in-depth details about their friendship. As a way of showing their bond, Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo have nicknames for each other.

The two also have a hilarious way of texting each other, as Lee Dong Wook has a habit of texting in a “cute” manner. Gong Yoo has also noticed that Lee Dong Wook tends to repeat his messages.

Lee Dong Wook has another habit that Gong Yoo has noticed, as Lee Dong Wook loves adding heartfelt emojis to his messages.

When asked how he responds, Gong Yoo had the most hilarious answer.

The two usually go back and forth with each other, as Lee Dong Wook has a clever response for Gong Yoo’s diss.

Lee Dong Wook shares his side of the story, as he reveals that Gong Yoo has some texting habits as well.

When asked if he’s willing to change his text replies for Lee Dong Wook, Gong Yoo had a savage response.

The two conclude by sharing some details of how they usually hang out with each other, and it’s quite casual.

Here is the full video below!