Gong Yoo Was Pulled Away by Bodyguards After He Bragged to His Fans About His Shopping Purchases

When a fan asked him what he bought, he made sure to tell them.

Gong Yoo is a respected actor who has been loved by fans all over the world for quite some time now, and it’s hard to deny that one of the reasons is the way he treats his fans.


In recent days, a post about Gong Yoo’s fan service began to circulate in online communities. The post started off with media showing Gong Yoo being warm and responsive to fans that came to see him at his fan signing.

But what’s receiving a lot of attention is what happened when he was proceeding to his car after completing his work schedule.

One fan noticed him holding a shopping bag, so they asked, “What did you buy?” And when Gong Yoo heard this, he immediately turned around and shouted, “I bought candles!” while waving the bag in the air with a smile.

In response to Gong Yoo’s cute response that almost sounded like he was bragging, fans, as well as his bodyguards, burst into laughter.

Gong Yoo then got pulled away by his bodyguards so he had no choice to get into his car,  but fans still managed to get a sneak peek of why Gong Yoo is such a loved and respected actor.

Source: Insight