Gong Yoo Revealed He Would Join “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” Season 2, Should It Ever Happen

He wants to star in Season 2 too.

Gong Yoo recently revealed his intentions to star in Season 2 of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, if he receives the opportunity to do so.

During one of his fan meetings, he first stated that he wishes his next work will be worth the long wait and that it would be a piece that could be loved by many.

I’d like to meet everyone through a great work. I hope the next work will be worth the long wait and be a piece that will be loved by everyone.

ㅡ Gong Yoo

When asked whether he would be interested in filming a Season 2 of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God if it were to be produced, he replied that there would be no reason he wouldn’t take it!

There would be no reason for me to reject it.

ㅡ Gong Yoo

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God was an extremely popular television series about a semi-immortal goblin who falls in love with a human, and the story of “curing” his immortality.

The drama made significant achievements, breaking viewership records at the time and winning numerous awards. It recorded a whopping 18.68% nationwide audience rating on its last episode. It was the second highest rating for Korean cable television after Reply 1988, at the time of airing.

Although Gong Yoo stated that there were no plans for a Season 2 of Guardian: The Lonely and Great God at the moment, considering its extraordinary success, it wouldn’t be surprising if a Season 2 were to be released in the future. And the best part would be that Gong Yoo would want to star in it again!

Currently, Gong Yoo is preparing for several comebacks to the entertainment industry, including movies Seo Bok and Wonderland, and Netflix‘s upcoming drama Sea of Silence.

Watch the full interview clip below: