Gong Yoo Reveals Which Songs From IU’s “LILAC” Album Are His Favorite

Who isn’t a fan of IU though!

On the latest IU’s Palette, IU had an unexpected huge star as her guest! The guest was none other than the talented actor Gong Yoo!

As a lover of music himself, Gong Yoo was asked whether he listens to any of IU songs or not. With his answer, Gong Yoo revealed he was actually a Gong Yoo revealed himself to be Uaena (IU’s fandom’s name) himself! He also mentioned he has been a fan of IU for quite some time: “I’m IU’s long-time fan.

Gong Yoo shared he listens to two of IU’s albums often, Palette and A Flower Bookmark.

Of your albums, there were two on my playlist that I listen to the most are ‘Palette’ and ‘A Flower bookmark.’ I listen to those albums the most.

— Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo even proved his knowledge of the A Flower Bookmark album and shared how he loved that she remade older classics and made them well-known among her younger fans.

‘A Flower bookmark’ consists of classic songs, right? Those are some songs that many people at your age may not know but after you did a remake of those songs you made them become famous again. I really liked that you did that.

— Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo further showed off his love for IU’s music and named some of his favorite songs from her latest hit album LILAC. IU was a bit shocked to hear he had already taken a listen to her new album as it released not too long ago.

Q: Your favorite song in ‘LILAC?’ Which is your favorite song?

When you first listen to an album, you’ll feel unfamiliar, right? That happens when you listen you a new song for the first time. So for me I have to listen to an album about 5 times. I have to listen that much. I’ve listened to it 3 times already…So I can’t say for sure that ‘This is my favorite.’

— Gong Yoo

Though he hasn’t figured out his favorite song, he named ones that are might make the list of his favorites from the album.

‘Hi Spring Bye.’ I didn’t know the back story to ‘Hi Spring Bye’ at first, but while I was listening to it, it sounded familiar…the vibe and the melody. I realized NAUL also participated in the song. I thought it’s a very nice collaboration.

— Gong Yoo

Another song from the album he named some more songs he enjoyed from the album.

Also…’Coin,’ the rap part. The song called ‘Epilogue.’ Overall, I loved the lyrics. I tend to read all the lyrics. Also, even if a song feels unfamiliar af first, if I like the lyrics, I come to like the song as well. The song like ‘Ah Puh’ is so cute.

— Gong Yoo

Following Gong Yoo’s answer, IU couldn’t help but adorably fangirl over him and expressed how unreal it was for Gong Yoo to be talking about her album.

These two are clearly big fans of one another and who can blame them? Both stars are so charming and talented!

Check out the video below: